Best Tactics for Online Marketing

The world of online marketing or internet marketing is always evolving, and businesses need to be abreast of the latest happenings in the industry. This applies in particular not only to digital commerce companies but also traditional firms that use search engine marketing as one of their business promotion strategies.
For companies to reap the immense benefits of online advertising in 2017 and even beyond below are six tactics to be implemented.

Ensure your Conversion Rates remain high

Many features come to mind when the term “conversion rate optimization” is mentioned. Some of these include images, font, or color of a button.
While some of these features are small, modifying them typically result in relatively positive changes to the conversion rates of your websites.
Brand familiarity has been identified as the major secret to a higher conversion rate. Below are some ways to increase your brand familiarity with your target audience.

  1. Remarketing: the efficient use of Google Display Network and social media marketing, especially Facebook will go a long way in achieving your goal. Once you can get people that recently visited your website without making a purchase, the next thing is to remarket your brand. This can be done by hitting them with firm offers like downloads, consultations, and sign-ups.
  2. Video ads: this is a cheap and efficient way of getting people to become familiar with your brand. Video ads help people to remember the brand and increases ad engagement.

Save Your Organic Search CTR

Organic click-through rate otherwise known as CTR tells the percentage of individuals who clicked on a particular result in Google’s search results. The data for this can be found in the Google Search Console.
Raising the click-through rate can help to increase the ranking of your web pages. One of the reasons websites suffer from low CTRs is having boring headlines. The solution is to rewrite the headlines and start getting clicks.

Do Social Media Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized, with Facebook being the King of them all especially as it helps with customer engagement. Likes, comments or shares should be generated and below are some ways to help raise your engagement rates on Facebook.

  1. Preferred Audience Targeting: This feature allows businesses to target their live updates as if they were ads. However, the feature is free.
  2. Unicorn Detector Pyramid Scheme: With Facebook, it is advised that you post fewer but better update. Twitter is a great tool to test your content organically before posting on Facebook.
  3. Post Engagement Ads: This can be done for very low as you can get hundreds to thousands of paid impressions by spending a few dollars.
  4. Invite People for Likes: There is a link that shows the names of everyone who have liked, loved or reacted to your post one way or the other. There is an important type of button – Invite, to the right of these names. Send an invitation to these people by clicking on the Invite button.
  5. Videos: Adding some video content to your posts makes them more engaging and memorable.

Go at the competition

Competition is always competition, and you should see every competitor as someone trying to take food away from your table. Therefore, it is advised that you try to outsmart the competition and take some business from them.
Some of the ways of disrupting the rival include creating amazing YouTube ads. These can be targeted using Gmail ads at customers looking for your competitor and targeting ads at your competitors’ Twitter followers.

Use Twitter for Lead Generation

Twitter has a feature called Lead Generation Cards. However, it is advised that you avoid using this feature, as most users do not click on them.
Instead, create a promoted tweet and make it engaging by attaching a funny photo.

Medium is one of the popular blogging platforms that have been reputed to be super useful for promoting businesses online. The platform can be used for republishing existing content, consequently exposing it to a larger audience.
To get the best from Medium, it is advised that you spend some dollars for the promotion of your post to the target audience.

These are the six latest tactics in online marketing in 2017, put them to use and reap better rewards.